Dread and fear fill the air
With the constant kneading of a pandemic
Elegantly christened, “Novel Coronavirus,
Unknown to science, it’s fangs remain unveiled
Yet installed, it denies the right to free movement
Standing strong, defying challenge
It deals undisputed death to young and old
With a constant threat on the Airwaves:
Or is it a plea to keep clean hands and
faith in such looming uncertainty?
Men, women and infants roost in their abode but submit to the spikes of hunger that seek them out even as palliatives promised remain undelivered
And what a witness; the triumph of massive structural shifts now afflict the daily realities of dwindling economies
Behold the rewards of Covid-19!
A return within to listen, learn and heal
A return to untimed rest
A return to oneself
A return to the Creator.

gods for sale!!

I want one,you want one
It keeps us connected to the outside world
Blue god, gold god, and three eyed god
We save, scheme and rob for these gods
We lie and play facades for status sake using these gods
gods for sale! gods for sale!
Who can say no
At all cost we purchase these sleek gods
and pay allegiance on a monthly or weekly basis
Yet it is we who have been sold times over a mere god
We who have given these gods wings in our own very hands
We, who can no more have conversations without the flash of screens in our faces
We who scroll through virtual timelines
and yet cannot sustain real friendships
We who post pictures for like-sake
Inflating esteem without depth of heart
gods for sale! gods for sale
New and more sleek versions chase us wildly
I have in my hand a blue god
fell for the yard sale five months ago
Guess you fell for it too since you’re here reading this.

No Strings.

It is common knowledge that you claim no strings attached
Yet you submit one to your memories and ideologies
Exhibiting ambitious ownership, handing out new identities with attempts to bury the old
That you act as the be all and end all” every now and then is amusing
A saviour you must think yourself to be
Basking in the glory of “learned omniscience”
While making demands accompanied by fermented ego
That you deal out threats crusading for respect is a ludicrous lack of wisdom
Far be it from you to heed advice from mere mortals
When all you believe is a religion of learned omniscience.

Lord of the Sky

Most people think I am the lord of the sky
But i do not agree to this
It’s true that I glide through the clouds
Bearing human lives in winged arms as i soar the skies
Banking and tilting to peace or turbulence
I am an all-bodied metal carrying fuel and sundry goods
With no platform for hold beneath my belly
I try to get people to their destinations in time and safety
With Oiled engines for good transport,knowledgeable pilots for accurate navigation and bouncy tires that hopefully should neither burst nor skid off the runway
This confidence has been shouldered upon me since my existence
And I try my best not to betray the trust
Yet, it is not a given that I won’t betray this confidence once in awhile
In times past, I have been torn to a rubble by feisty winds and sunk into deep seas with my nose
I have caught on fire and crashed leaving no survivors
I’ve had to serve as coffins for the lives that I should have bore to safety
And I am not proud of it
So when people say ‘there goes the lord of the sky’ just because I have my good days
I just shake my head, because I know and I think they should know too
That I am not a lord, not even one worthy of the sky
I think that’s too much responsibility for a bodied up metal like me
It’s just what I think
Welcome to air travel!!!

Extended Adolescence

I want to grow, I really do
But there are things that won’t let me go
Everyone thinks you a fool when you don’t do some things
Make it seem like you’re stirring your life with such levity
They forget quickly that they were on the same pedestal as you before they leveled up
I want to grow, I really do
But I’m still here living on welfare packages
Carefully planning my survival and servicing debts incured
I get through it all eventually after the struggle

but I am tired of the cycle
I want to break it, cut it and leave the cycle
I keep hoping that it will end someday
And I’ll be able to look back on those days and smile
Knowing that it formed the core of who I am

I want to grow, I really do.


It hurts everywhere that humans are maimed in their sleep

Ripped apart for the pleasure of cruelty and the lack of conscience

Splattered blood crying out daily on the land

It hurts everywhere right now

Another home has lost its ray of sunshine

A raging fire just blazed a loved one to ash

Another traveller did not get home tonight

There’s a bed lying empty with no one to sleep on it

Coverage is necessary, prayers and sympathies are welcome

But it really does hurt everywhere

For the one’s left to mourn their person

Sundown was meant to bring relief

Rest from all the day’s trouble

This one managed to bring grief.

For Rali

I’m not quite sure but I think it love that you have always favoured me from the start
Through my highs and lows- mostly lows
You lace our conversations with cream and counsel
And somehow always find a way to bring me back to myself
Even when it seems like I have the most to overcome
So I’m just going to write it and hope you get to see this someday
My heart gets happy at the thought of you
I love you so much for being the sister i never asked for
For loving me through it all.

Lots of love


Ah! My head holds fire
I cannot take it anymore

Who holds fire and never gets burnt?
Better it be me feeling the brunt of it
At least you can still hope for a little ray of sunshine
And let it be greater in times to come
Ah! My head holds fire
But it will be worth it by morning
When you earn the fortune that follows
Don’t let it be wasted the reason for all the troubles
Let it be known that you are no longer slaves
That your waiting period was shortened
Let it be known that your season has come


I loved my cat so much i never broke the promise of caring for her
She was everything i wanted in a pet
Always sitting pretty and cute with that stripped body of hers
Her energy saved for walks and drinking up milk
She was a lazy cat but i loved her anyway
Then she started to look frail and sickly
The walks i so much enjoyed watching turned to limping and finally she stopped
I took her to a Vet clinic and he assured me she would pull through
Just some medications and she’d be better than before
He gave her four doses of his so called medication and she stopped eating
She’ll come around he still insisted
Poor Hala died the next day
I gave her a proper burial
One that was befitting for her
But i will never forget he killed my cat
And i still hold a grudge

A Foreword for Life

You may crack a smile in your honour
While you sip on some strong brew
Nodding your head to a great performance
Thinking how you have thrown in yet another block of rock my way
And what time i would waste chipping at it
But I’m here to talk with you again
To tell you that it didn’t take a minute to break this one off of my path
Believe me, it is no pride that i have come a long way to toast with you on my win
And remind you that i conquered again
Oh i see you wiped off the smirk
Are you hurt that your mountainous rock was easy for me?
Your undoing that i’m now at a higher peak than i was before the climb
Look, i know you will try to spew at me false contents to weaken my will
A grand ball of showmanship to teach me a lesson
There’s something you should know
I will be ready and waiting for your next throw.